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Yearbook Preorders 2023/24
If you are interested in ordering a 2023/24 NIA yearbook, follow this link and find your campus's link to your preorder order form found here.
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North Texas Giving Day 2023
Your contributions are helping us to raise the next generation of Warriors. Thank you for being a part of Newman International Academy and helping us shine in the field of education. Today, I invite you to partner with us in our mission to raise well-rounded young men and women (Warriors) of Wisdom, Stature and Favor.
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Weekly Newsletter 9-8-23
Click here to read NIAB's Weekly Newsletter.
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Newman Nights at Torchy's Tacos
Click to find out how to get 15% cash back donated to Newman Academy Schools by eating at Torchy’s Tacos.
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Warrior Wellness Newsletter Aug/Sept
Success in the classroom is important for all students and will transcend into their lives outside of school. There are many habits our students pick up on that do more harm than good to their intellectual success. Here are some habits students should avoid:
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Weekly Newsletter 8-18-23
Happy first week of school! We are so excited that school is in session for the 2023-2024 academic school year! Let's work everyday to be better than we were yesterday!
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Back to School Orientation Nights
Click here to see all Back to School Orientation nights for all of our campuses.
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